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* Reversible 

* Machine washable 

* Made from woven cotton

Please note: These masks will not protect you against the corona virus. They act as an extra form of protection like gloves do and will remind you to stop touching your face. It can help reduce your exposure to infectious diseases/viruses. You need to follow strict hygiene protocols and practice social distancing wherever possible in order to reduce your chances of getting infected.

These masks should be worn for short periods of time (like going to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy) and should be washed with warm soapy water, straight after use, as breathing, coughing and sneezing can moisten the fabric and can make it unhygienic if worn for too long. 

If you are infected with the virus or are working with people who have the virus/ any other contagious diseases, please wear a proper medical mask provided by a medical professional.

Customer Reviews

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Carmen Visser
Love it

The masks always fit comfortably.